British novelist Saurav Dutt is a creative polymath

London / June 10, 2015 -- British novelist Saurav Dutt is a creative polymath. Having written in his capacity as an independent journalist for the Guardian, Independent and Mail on Sunday newspapers he is an independent film producer, graphic artist, playwright, and an author. He was born in Kolkata but was educated in London. He holds a bachelor’s as well as master’s degree in Law from Kings College London. Dutt is an avid writer and has written both fiction and nonfiction. His writings are not limited to a single genre but are versatile much like the author himself. He has written biographies on movie stars like Mickey Rourke, he has also written graphic novels as well as contemporary fiction and horror. He has also prominently featured a philanthropic angle in many of his books.

Saurav Dutt is an independent film producer, graphic artist, playwright, and an authorHe has written about the life and works of actors Mickey Rourke, Corey Haim and Roy Scheider. The Butterfly Room deals with social issues like domestic violence, abuse of women and discrimination against the LGBT community within Asian society. Cannibal Metropolis and The Exorcist: Pazuzu Unbound are horror stories based on the movies Cannibal Holocaust and the Exorcist respectively. Pazuzu Unbound came to the attention of the director of The Exorcist William Friedkin and Cannibal Metropolis made it across the desk of Hostel director Eli Roth. Sword is a graphic novel depicting a lone hero’s fight against the yakuza and is based on the films of action stars such as Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Broken Sky, The Pugilist’s Son and The Wind Sculpture are his other notable works. Saurav Dutt’s new novel named Wild Horses will be published in 2016.

Saurav Dutt is an excellent writer, but he is also a producer of independent films. He is the co-writer and independent producer of a film named Live Life Dearest. He received acclaim or this film which was a winner at the Gothenberg Independent Film Festival.

Dutt has received acclaim as an author as well as for his work as a film producer. His books have been featured in many notable international book fairs such as the London and Frankfurt International Book Fairs, BookExpo America and the LA Times Book Festival to name just a few. In 2014 he was nominated for the Art & culture Awareness category at the British Indian Awards. He is a philanthropist and supports many charitable causes and organizations. Proceeds from some of his books also go to certain organizations.

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